Brief Writer’s/Translator’s Bio

Growing up bilingual in English and French, and subsequently studying foreign languages, I’ve always loved both languages and language itself. After graduating in Japanese and Thai in 2000, I initially happily followed ithe path of teaching English while translating freelance. I found I was good at both, and, just as I discovered in myself a gift for communication, I realized my natural affinity went to writing.

As I writer, I’ve published a book in French, had a blog for four years, and have written posts for other blogs. I have also had several articles published as editor’s picks on Elephant Journal. Telling stories, writing about my experiences and sharing my thoughts in writing is one of my highest pleasures.

More recently, I have discovered a new source of immense satisfaction, that of assisting others in expressing their own creative ideas, thoughts, or message, in such a way that these acquire the impact, precision, and vibrancy they desire. I’ve written content for blogs and websites, and helped other writers with their own submissions. I am comfortable in wide range of topics, from holistic health and coaching to environmental issues. tourism and fair trade.

As a translator, I’ve translated several books from French into English, and a variety of documents from Japanese. My most recent work, for the renowned French publisher Albin Michel, is “Nature at Heart”, by French wine grower Gérard Bertrand, whose château l’hospitalet red has been named best wine in the world. I am primarily a literary translator, but for any translation for which the nuances and subtleties of languare are paramount, I am, my twenty plus years of experience, in my element.

Please feel free to contact me and see if I can help with your project or enterprise.

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