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The Rwandan Prescription

Some weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine (who happens to be a yoga teacher) shared a link entitled, “The Rwandan Prescription for Depression: Sun, Drum, Dance, Community.” Immediately after the genocide, Rwanda had been visited by a number of Western health workers, but their presence was by no means unequivocally beneficial. One Rwandan explained: “They […]

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By the time I was seven years old, I had lived in seven different houses, and my family’s itinerary spanned three countries and two continents. There followed a seven year reprieve, of relative stability in rural Suffolk, where I gradually found my marks, and some roots, climbing (and falling out of) trees, catching tadpoles and […]

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Facing Injury without Fear

For most of us, at some time or another one or more body parts will begin to cause concern. Fortunately this is often temporary, and the body’s extraordinary resilience and natural intelligence deal with the issue, provided we cooperate and, where necessary, take appropriate action. Having an injury or weakened area is particularly frustrating when […]

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