I was born and spent my early childhood in Nigeria, then educated (well, I went to school, at least) in England and France. As a boy in Europe after the years in Africa – which I’d spent playing in the sun and chatting in Hausa with my local buddies, scaring vultures away from the garden and avoiding spiders the size of dinner plates (literally, though most of it was legs) – I felt like a fish out of water. On top of that, it was cold! But I made friends soon enough, and loved to be out and about in the Suffolk countryside, climbing trees, catching tadpoles, camping out or precariously rowing an inflatable dinghy of dubious buoyancy down the river. In France, as a teenager, I adapted to my new and urban environment by learning to skateboard, getting my street French up to standard, and feeling temporarily at home.

But when school life ends, the ‘real world’ awaits, and I still had no real clue where I ultimately fitted in, nor what to do with my life – a predicament that may sound familiar to many. Restlessness set in, and the wider world seemed to beckon, more so at any rate than university classrooms. So I took a gap year to volunteer in Thailand, after which, with the edge taken off my wanderlust, I was able to at least get a degree under my belt.

Choice, chance and circumstance- I could also just call it ‘life’ – then joined forces to keep me itinerant, and I was lucky enough to be able to live, work and spend considerable time in a number of countries, such as Japan, Thailand, China, India, and Indonesia. This was the death of any notion of eventually finding where I belong, though it has also meant I feel at home in most places I visit. At any rate, although the journey has been at times precarious and continues still, I have at least discovered that I enjoy writing, learning, languages and good, stimulating company.

Also, now in my early forties, life seems to be getting simpler – distraction, hesitation, procrastination and other familiar bedfellows are falling by the wayside, allowing focus, purpose and clarity of vision their rightful place. A greater appreciation for the simple joys and pleasures of life, and the preciousness of each moment, has relieved me of some of the seriousness and heaviness of previous concerns.

This blog contains over forty posts, and counting. About half are about travel, the others are an assortment of yoga, philosophy, general well-being, reflections on life and the nature of things, and miscallaneous offerings. Posts are in chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest, but you can also browse by category from the menu on the right hand side of the screen. Thank you for your time, and please don’t hesitate to comment!